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Winter Seasonal Book Suggestion

Whatever You Think You Are, You Are!

Winter – Time to look at your self image?

This book will help you look and understand your self image, look inward, reflect and re- discover yourself.

The water element is an ideal time to do this.

A little bit about the book…

This book is based on Dr Demartini’s life long study teachings and findings into the workings and habits of human behaviour.

I have met him

Dr. Maltz was a plastic surgeon and a humanitarian who truly cared about helping people. He had plenty of money, being one of the few plastic surgeons of his day. He unselfishly wrote this book from the centre of his heart. His principles are based on some of his psychological experiences as a plastic surgeon. He saw low self-esteem as similar to the facial flaws of his plastic surgery patients and describes how you can fix your self-esteem to become a better you. He offers useful advice on how to avoid letting your negative thoughts make you a failure. He suggests how one’s attitude alone can influence his or her success level. He also has ideas on how not to let the hateful, hurtful things people say keep you from the success you deserve. His book heals and teaches that one has control over his or her life and destiny.

Here’s a Link to the Book

If you are a member of Audible you can get a download of this book to listen to by clicking here (will take you to