7 Apps to Improve Your Yoga Business

Want some technical tools that will help you take your yoga business to the next level in 2018? We’ve compiled a list of 7 apps which you can use to fine tune different areas of your business including, playlists, imagery, social media, planning and marketing.

Music in class is not everyone’s cup of tea – but lots of teachers and students believe that the perfect soundtrack is a massive compliment to a yoga practice. Spotify allows you to find pre-made playlists and explore genres or artists similar to the music you normally like to practice to, helping you expand your back catalog with plenty of new music to teach to & enhance your flows. If you need a few hints to get you started, search on Spotify’s own playlists for: ‘Indian Chill’, ‘Yoga & Meditation’ and ‘Mellow Beats’. Also – don’t forget to pay for Spotify Premium (adverts interrupting you mid vinyasa is not very professional!).

Have you ever noticed all those motivational quotes and images that wellbeing professionals post on social media? They take an image and overlay it with pretty typography to create something engaging and shareable for their audience. WordSwag is a brilliant app for creating these types of images – it gives you preset backgrounds or allows you to upload your own image, then you can choose from a range of text options to add the wording of your choice. It allows you to create unique content and professional looking images with ease.

Something that will help you build and maintain a supportive following on Instagram is authentic content, which is consistent and well curated. Planoly is great for this in 2 ways – firstly, it allows you to lay your future posts out on a grid format, so you can be sure that they fit well together and work nicely with your brand aesthetic. Secondly, it allows you to schedule posts and sends you a reminder when it is time to make them live, allowing you to space out your content and deliver it in a timely manner to your followers.

The ultimate to-do list app for managing all of your different projects – it is an extremely visual and flexible tool that enables users to organise tasks on different ‘boards’ – allowing you to see clearly what has been completed & what is still outstanding. Trello would be an invaluable tool for any Yoga Teachers arranging their own workshops and retreats to allow them to see where they are in the planning stages at a glance, making sure no important tasks are missed.

Building an e-mail list & sending regular newsletters is a great way to engage with your past, current and potential students. It’s a place to offer incentives to fill your classes, get people along to any events you’re running and also keep them in the loop about your latest projects. Mailchimp allows you to manage your e-mail list and provides templates to help you draft professional standard newsletters.

Google Calendar
It might seem obvious – but a good calendar is a must-have to keep you right. You may be old school and love to note down everything in your trusty diary – but when you’re making plans for your business, it doesn’t hurt to have a digital back up of your schedule! Google Calendar is a great way to see your months at a glance and also can be set up to send reminders to your e-mail inbox and phone screen about upcoming engagements, making sure you never forget that client’s 1-2-1 or an important meeting.

Take the hassle out of social media by getting yourself a good scheduling app. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts for facebook, twitter and linkedin etc and posts automatically at the date & time you have requested. This means that instead of getting caught in a social media time drain – you can plan all of your posts at the beginning of the week and decide when you would like each one to go live. That way, all you need to do is reply to any messages and comments when they come in.

Do you have any apps which you rely on to keep your yoga business running smoothy? We would love to hear about them! send us an e-mail by clicking here with your suggestions.