6 Tips for Filling Your Class in the January Rush

In the fitness and wellbeing world, the start of a new year traditionally comes with a host of enthusiastic new clients with renewed interest in taking care of themselves and a determination to adhere to their New Year’s Resolutions. It’s the perfect time to give your yoga business a boost and establish a strong client base for the year ahead.

We’re looking at some of the ways to get potential students along to your classes, then how to turn these brand new yogi’s into regular attendees:

Consider reduced prices for block bookings, first class half price or free taster classes to try and encourage new students to come along and give one of your classes a go. A financial incentive helps reduce another barrier which potential students may be using as an excuse to not come along – allowing them, for example, to book a 5 class card for £25 instead of £40 in the month of January could end up gaining you new students that will enjoy yoga so much, they continue to attend all year round.

Share Your Own Story
What brought you along to yoga in the first place and what have you gained physically and mentally from practicing? Write a blog post and share in on social media which outlines your yoga journey. We find stories of other people’s progress encouraging, it reminds us that we could achieve the same things. Potential students reading your story may recognise some of the reasons you first started to practice, hopefully making them feel empowered that if it worked for you, it can work for them.

Establish USP (Unique Selling Point)
What is it about your teaching style that makes you different? Are your practices very dynamic and physical or do you veer more towards a restorative/yin style? Work out (or ask your current students) what the defining characteristics of your classes are and then shout about them! Being very clear about what you offer and why that will benefit your students is a great way to attract new customers that are seeking out someone just like you.

Put on a Workshop
The New Year is a time when people want to ‘get serious’ about their health and wellbeing goals – so this could be the perfect time to offer a themed workshop. Chose a theme, develop a structure for the session, possibly create handouts and collect any props you may need. Allowing students a time to delve deeper into their practice than they can during a normal studio class is something that is likely to appeal in January.

Discuss Student Aims
When new students appear in your classes in January, find out what has brought them there – are they looking to improve their general fitness? are the looking to destress? Understanding student aims can help you tailor your classes to suit and provide students with exactly what they are looking for (hopefully turning them into long term clients!)

Get Social
If you haven’t done so already – get serious about your social media presence. Platforms like Facebook and instagram allow you to talk about your classes, the benefits of yoga and interact with your current students while attracting new ones. Share testimonials from current students, news about special offers on classes, articles about how yoga can have a positive impact and clear information about when and where your classes are.

Working hard in January to make new students feel welcome and offering as much encouragement as possible will enable them to make lasting impacts to their wellbeing, while allowing you to increase your number of students and allow your yoga business to flourish in 2018. If you have any other ideas for making the January rush work for yoga teachers – please share them with us at info@seasonalyoga.net