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When considering the options for Qualifications please see our definitions of each level of qualification below:   If you have a qualification that doesn’t appear but would still like to appear on our registry please include this in the ‘Other’ section at the foot of the form or contact us directly using the ‘Ask a Question’ button further down this page.



You are running one of our 200 hour programs

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– You graduated with us when Seasonal Yoga was called Chi Yoga 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Register?  People often contact us to find out where Seasonal Yoga classes are being taught and who is the closest teacher or studio to the.  This registry will help these potential new students find more readily

Q1: What is GDPR and why do I need to agree to it?

GDPR is a legal requirement for all residents of Europe.  When someone from Europe supplies a thrid party company like ours any personal information they have to ask that person for their permission to hold, store and process that information.  You can find out more about GDPR here

Q2: What will you be doing with my information?

We’ll be posting the information that you supply to us to the online registry.  This will be available to anyone who visits the site.  We will not be posting your email address or exact location, other than the location where you are teaching.  We may generalise this information where appripriate (so may change your studio name to the town it is in).  We will not be sharing, selling or transferring this information to any third party.

Q3: How can I change my information?

Simply drop us an email with the updates. Note that we’re not going to be putting your class/workshop/retreat timetable online as this should be on your own social media and website platforms.  We are happy to make 1 or 2 changes a year but may reject your changes should these become more frequent.

Q4: How can I have my information removed?

Simply drop us an email asking us to remove your information (please supply your name and email so we can identify the details you’re looking to remove).   We will also delete your records from our backup copies.

Q5: Why are you not including my email address?

Posting an email address we have found is an easy way for online scammers and website crawlers to get your information and then to inundate you with unwanted emails.  We are happy to redirect traffic to your websites/facebook/instagram but we really do want you to avoid more unwanted emails!

Q6: Is the registration free?

Yes, if you have been part of one of our in-person or online programs.  Please note that this is the current plan and we do reserve the right to introduce a (small) fee at a later date to renew or update your information.  This will be to help cover the time and cost of hosting your information on our site.

Q7: Who is Chi Yoga School?

Both Julie, Sue and Marit met whilst training and teaching on the Chi Yoga School teacher training program (Julie met Sue before this but this was the first time all three were together).   This program was run from Julie’s previous premise above Peckhams in Glassford street and also in Burnham, Perthshire.

Both Marit and Sue (who didn’t have a formal Yoga qualification at the time) graduated from the second ever program on this course.

If you were taught by Julie and Sue via the Chi Yoga School we’d be delighted to touch base with you again.

Q8: Why are you introducing this registry now?

Julie has long been an advocate of moving more of the teaching resources online and over the past couple of years, since the introduction of the first online teaching library at, has been working towards having a great online presence for the school.  As we’re now getting most of that material online the next stage is to include more of our teaching family in what we are doing.  

Hopefully you will have all enjoyed your time on our courses and want to continue with us on the journey ahead and help not only Seasonal Yoga grow but also help us and you reach the next generation of students and teachers.

Q9: I have some suggestions for you...

Great! Feel free to send these to us via the ‘Ask a question’ button below.  Over the years we’ve discovered that it’s very difficult to get any sort of feedback so we are always very happy to receive this even if it’s just to point out another of our spelling mistakes.  We have an ever more active community growing around the Facebook and Social Media groups and we’d be delighted if you become involved there too

Q10: I'd like to learn more about your other training...

You may not have realised the extent of both our in person and online training offerings.  

If you’d like to learn more we suggest starting on our home page via the ‘Connect’ or ‘Social’ options.  

You can also contact us direct through the ‘Ask a Question’ button below.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Further Information

Our Online Offerings

We have multiple online training course options and we’d love for you to either take part in these directly or to share these with your own students.  For more information on these select the button below:

Adding to Your Own Teaching

If you are running your own studio and are interested in perhaps running your own 100 hour Foundation course or 200 hour program as a licensee then please select the option below for more information: