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Self Care Tips from Seasonal Teachers

Self Care is a topic that is becoming increasingly mainstream – more and more we all recognise the need to look after ourselves properly and treat ourselves with kindness. If you’re feeling frazzled and tired from a busy schedule – it might be worth looking at your self-care routine and deciding if you can dedicate some extra time in the week to yourself. 

Need some inspiration? We’ve asked a few seasonal yoga teachers how they approach self-care: 

Fi Shepherd

“Massaging my feet before going to sleep. I sit in bed & just spend a few minutes massaging each foot with a drop of lavender oil. Lavender oil is great for helping you to sleep soundly & the foot massage is relaxing to help quiet the mind ready for sleep. Our feet go through a lot each day whether it’s though everyday walking about or supporting us in our yoga practice so it’s good to give them a bit of TLC.

I also regularly go for a massage. I believe massage should be part of everyone’s self-care. Easing out our muscles, especially when we’ve put our bodies through some tough yoga practice! It’s also complements our yoga practice- as our practice breaks down & releases tension in the body from long held emotion, massage can help in further releasing the knots & tension.

And finally, salt baths. At least once a week to draw toxins out of the body & ease away any aches & pains. Epsom or magnesium salts are now so widely available, it’s great just to chuck a handful or two into the bath & soak for 20mins.”

Erin Kyle

“One of my self care rituals is massaging magnesium oil morning & night after a shower or bath. It aids relaxation, stiff achy muscles or joints as well as fatigue. As a coach & a yoga teacher i drive a lot & have issues with my lower back so i really feel the benefits of using magnesium oil as part of my self care. 

I also use a foam roller & trigger point pilates methods to help manage my back. “

Kathleen Mansfield

“I apply the 80:20 ratio to life. I will give my students 80 percent of myself and retain 20 percent for self-care. I apply this to how I eat and how I drink. 80 percent of the time I am in my normal routine so I eat and drink with great care. The remaining 20 percent, when I am with old friends or out and about, I relax and allow the odd cake and glass of wine. 

Yoga is about balance in all areas. If I work on my balance then my students benefit too.”

If you have any of your own well-loved self care rituals we would love to hear about them! Send us an e-mail to