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Take the year of your birth and add the last two digits together; if the results is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number then deduct the result from 10.

  • 1954-5+4=9 10-9=1 The Magic number is 1
  • 1950-5+0= 5 10–5=5 The Magic number is 5
  • 1949-4+9=13 1+3=4 10-4=6 The Magic number is 6
  • 1969–6+9=15 1+5=6 10–6= 4 The Magic number is 4

Unlike the Western Calendar the Nine Ki Year uses the Lunar Calendar and the new year starts on the 3,4,5, of February (To get the exact date of new year you will have to get a copy of a Chinese Calendar as new year days are changeable each year).  So if you were born after the 31 Dec and before 3,4,5, of February your year number will be the same as that for the preceding year. For example someone born on the 10 January 1956 will take 1955 as his/her year.

  • For people born after Feb 2001 you add the last two digits together and subtract from 9 instead of 10 so someone born on the 4 July 2003 will have a6year.(0+3=3 9-3=6)

Knowing your KI Year number with assist you in :-

    • Defining the underlying character, deepest nature and discover the basic values of yourself and others that stay with us from birth to old age
    • Help you progress in life and develop long-term strategies, how to work with your energy and not against it.
    • Define such things as directions, colours and symbols that will support you.
    • Help you work along side others with a greater understanding and support friends and family.
    • Harness your power, natural strengths and greatly increase your ability to succeed without stress.
    • Help you chose careers or sports that suit yourself and place others in jobs best suited to their underlying nature and bring out their strengths.
    • Gives you understanding of the natural dynamics of relationships according how your energies are manifesting themselves at a particular time.


Emotional and spiritual depth; while appearing to be outgoing, likeable, easy to be around, it is difficult to know what they are truly thinking. They can also be very shy and retiring with a more deep brooding nature. They have the capacity for deep love and strong sexuality and have the power of attraction, yet can keep their true nature hidden. Can seem soft, yet like water, can create a path through any terrain or environment; they are adventurous but need to know their limits. Good arbitrators and can help instigate reconciliation. They can be philosophical, reflective, receptive and passionate, non resistant but flexible and adaptable to circumstances. To some this can appear as lacking direction (but they can be privately involved with some venture or activity later to be revealed). Can float between an active social life and the need for solitude, they tend to internalise their emotions and are easily effected by what others feel around them, They can worry and become fearful if they don’t have their space for privacy. If they cultivate natural wisdom they can benefit others greatly. Sensitive tocold and should be careful not to allow the body to become weak.

Careers: diplomat, writer, philosopher, lawyer, composer, musician, healer, therapist, consultant and pharmacist.


Supporters, assistants, kind and good completers, they are thoughtful, tactful and perceptive, especially to the problems, motives and
characters of others. Able to see both sides of things and they enjoy helping and nourishing others as this number is the strongest expression of female energy; the Mother. Keen to please and dedicated to public service, they are generally reliable and fulfil obligations. Can appear or feel superior, while deep inside they can suffer from a chronic sense of insecurity. Can have doubts, not aggressive and have a tendency to be conventional and thrifty. It is important for them to take exercise and not to be too sedentary and to pay attention to food intake, avoiding too much in the way of sweet

Careers: social workers, nurses, personal assistants, bakers, shopkeepers, teachers, catering (food industry), estate agency, homemaker, therapist, healer, musician and recruitment consultant.


An independent character often forced into things at a young age, resilient and if they make mistakes they bounce back. Optimistic, with energy, vitality and spirit of youth, bright, enthusiastic but can be quickly dulled with detail and completion of projects. Full of surprises, naturally high spirited, positive, humorous and active. Often multi-talented with many interests, most of which they enjoy, but they may follow some pursuits only because they feel they must function in society. They often demand high standards of others and when locked into a pattern can be very resistant to change. Defend strongly their right to do what they want when they want. Excellent talkers but they find it hard to listen until after their point is made. Love sensorial pleasures and fun and use these in a way to express their generosity to others. For them attack is the best means of deference and when under pressure they can snap. If they do resort to shouting, anger, like a thunderstorm soon passes and all is quickly cleared. Full of plans but it is important to balance business with periods of rest. They have a tendency to overlook the practical side of life. Gentleness can be a great power or a weakness, they are very comfortable in a natural setting and their path is largely dependent on time for personal growth. They should avoid stimulants and too much animal
fat and take time for periods of rest and calm.

Careers: Technical designer, computer operator, electronics engineer, scientist, builder, architect, progressive artists, software designer, business person, sports person, speaker, performer, artist (modern).


Full of common sense, artistic, and are the most sensitive of all the numbers. They are highly intuitive and, like the wind, they are changeable. They can make several changes in occupation or need to do more than one thing at a time, Gentle and gifted with penetrating insight which people can often mistake for a need to control. Thoughtful, practical and quick to make suggestions aimed at improving things. Obedient and go with the flow and good at executing ideas but can be naive expecting the best in others and not protecting themselves. A ‘four’ person can lapse into indecision and depression. They don’t like details or routine and can be rash and impulsive and tend to keep their public and private sides very distinct. They tend to be talkative with a quick wit and have a charismatic effect on large groups. They don’t give up easily and bounce back and they like to do their work themselves, they give positive value in sharing information with friends… but don’t tell them a secret. They are sensitive to airborne infections and it is important for them to keep the right company and have a need for support and backup in their lives. It is best for them to avoid situations and conflicts that burn
them out,

Careers: travel agents, marketing, transportation, distributor, film making, broadcasting, forms of communication, actor, media executive, planning, writer, editor, designer.


Schemers, full of practical ideas and like to be in the centre of things. They have the capacity for hard work and determination which can lead to great success, particularly in business. They are not afraid of hard work, but can be stubborn and determined to get their own way. Warm hearted, opening and supportive of others, they always mean well. They can be either over or under secure, while at the same time giving the impression of being emotionally secure, but in reality desperately needing love, care and attention. A character of extremes; for example, they can end up in prison or be too honest and have few real friends with whom they can really communicate their true feelings and with whom they can share their hearts. They have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again and they are active and ambitious and value self image quite highly. They are at their best overcoming difficulties and can endure hardship. (nb: they would break other people – true survivors!)

Careers: politicians, owners of restaurants and nightclubs, military leaders, mediators, food industry, architects, builders, construction
workers and farmers


Great qualities of leadership, with both authority and high ideals, they are often on the leading edge of new movements. They are the most intuitive of all the numbers and they have a serene clarity supported by a striving for inner strength. The strong father influence can make them see things in a very black or white fashion or can lead them to be profoundly spiritual. Focused, direct, honest and good with money, they like to conquer but can dominate. They are ambitious and don’t like to lose.
They can recognise their faults so never criticise them as they are already criticising themselves. They are a taskmaster to themselves with great determination and have to watch they don’t ride roughshod over others or become too stubborn and inflexible. If they lose confidence they can lose ambition but this is usually only temporary. In difficult times they can retreat into themselves preferring their own control to that of others. They frequently take the lead in setting new trends, defining boundaries and focusing associates on completing the tasks in hand. A very useful personality which needs warmth, gentleness and softness, who are hard workers so they need to be careful not to run themselves into the ground and balance work, exercise and rest with time for letting go.

Careers: lawyers, judges, sports, business person, banker, manager, teacher, organiser, administrator, engineer, healer, management


Charismatic, charming, fun loving, witty and well liked by others, they have a profound understanding of the ways of the world but are not necessarily troubled by them. They possess leadership qualities but not as strong as the number 6 as they exert their power in a more passive way. Good advisors they like to be appreciated but never ignore them as they hate it! Sensitive and intuitive in their observations, good at public speaking and expressing ideas but can show off. Believable, good at negotiating but can distort the facts; they are seekers of happiness, enjoyment and self-nourishment. Fun loving people who enjoy socialising and eating out and have a good idea of what is fashionable. Frequently they appear younger that their natural age and when they are secure in their own nature they can be the type others like to confide in or who work to put others at their ease. It is easy for them to gain the respect and trust of others. They like free will and dislike handling routine matters or being supervised. Consistent and disciplined in work they enjoy – but not in anything else, in fact in other aspects they can appear to be lazy. They like to have a good time but balance times of joyful buoyancy with times of contemplation. They tend to avoid arguments and quarrels which they tend to see as a waste of time. Fluent orators and writers, they like to entertain and be entertained, share pleasures freely and like the exquisite. Their senses are very alive and they respond positively to fine perfumes, beautiful art, music and delicate tastes but must be careful that
excessive indulgences in pleasures do not lead to illness.

Careers: authors, councillors, lectures, teachers, orators, stock control, accounting, advising in finance, bankers, jewellers, night club owner and a business person.


Most yang of the soil numbers (active and outgoing) in Feng Shui this number represents the mountain, indicating strength and stoicism. Hard working and tenacious with carefully thought out points of view, they are people who like to get their facts right. Who have great strength of will but will hide it and who are usually reliable and trustworthy. They are strong willed with reserves of strength and willpower and who, because of this, will often choose a more difficult route in life. They often repeat mistakes in life yet through dogged determination will inevitably overcome. They learn through difficulties or the hard way as they can create large problems out of small ones and think of themselves first, The least expressive of the numbers, they can appear to be hard on the outside but are soft within. They have a deep sense of justice and whilst appearing calm on the surface can actually be ruffled inside in these situations. Secretive, stand alone, reserved and can be lonely, they weigh things up before deciding and are capable of shouldering and taking on large responsibilities, They fight for what’s right but can risk their friendships in the process and can appear too self-righteous. They have a strong desire for stability especially in their professions which they prefer to be secure. They love change and revolution but only if it is at their instigation. They are steady with strong concentration and evenness of mind, and have the ability to attract material possessions but then not take care of them. They seldom need advice of others as they need to figure things out for themselves even if the process is painful, the result being that everything they know is born out of real life experience and not one that is intellectual, theoretical or taught. They can
become sedentary and so need to watch their food intake,

Careers: service related industry, company manager, human rights, union official, lawyers, police officers, financial, marker traders, actors, public speakers, purchaser, shop keeper, trader, insurance sales, teacher,
professional, sports person.


Out going, active, attractive to others and flamboyant, but this can sometimes be hiding self criticism, doubt or lack of confidence. They like to get involved with whatever is going on but can be superficial. It is important for them to have acknowledgement, support and recognition of their friends, The external is important to them so they can appear vain. They love luxury and thrive in beautiful surroundings with fine and costly things and so, because of this, can become extravagant and live beyond their means. Imaginative, idealistic, excitable, which can lead to ideas or views which are poorly though out, highly sensitive and easily moved emotionally so can protect themselves behind a wall from hurt and become isolated. They have the ability to shine light on matters and give clarity to situations when others are in a fog. They have many friendly acquaintances, yet few in whom they ever place their trust. They can be misled by people who they think of as their friends, and can be critical of others as they fear these same qualities in themselves. Possessive and passionate and the loyalty and admiration of loved ones are important to them. Strong characters with deep sensitivity, their intense energy makes them attract attention, but tend to do things in bursts and can be very changeable and erratic. Their lively outgoing nature lends support and inspiration to just about any event, project or idea.

Careers: acting, politics, public relations and speaking, advertising, selling, television, radio, customer relations, fashion designer, comedian, social events organiser, prosecution lawyer.