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Deepen your Study

and embody what Seasonal Living is truly about

Seasonal Pro

The Seasonal Pro Evolution is for those that have completed stages 1 & 2 and are ready to embody the Seasonal aspects of living and then bring it to their friends, family and classes.

Seasonal Pro is the level you go to deepen your study into living each Season  to embody what Seasonal Living is truly about.  This course is a year long to complete and is a really interesting observation of your personal energy and behaviour including impact on your environment around you.   Also included is a deeper study of Chi Gong which is designed to be practiced daily, the Body Clock flow to reset your organs and the imbalances created in living day to day,  and our unique ‘Seasonal Hack‘ system for accountability for gauging your progress.

It’s also easy to speak to us at Seasonal Yoga to discuss your options by calling us here: +44 7980 244244 or via email here