Late Summer – the time for

Centering and Grounding

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Spring - Wood

This time of year is March/April/May with the 21st the official first day of Spring (UK). The energy of Spring, like sap rising, is forceful, determined to rise and move forward, yet remaining supple and flexible like a tree’s ability to bend in the wind, secure in its strong roots. Linked organs are Liver and Gallbladder

Early Summer - Space

This time of year is May/June starting 21st May. Early Summer is about connection, connective tissue and connecting. The secondary part of the Fire element, considered to be more preparation for the full potential of Summer. Linked organs are Pericardium and Triple Heater

Summer - Fire

This time of year is June/July/August with the first day of Summer being the 21st of June. With the energy of Fire, Summer likes to be spontaneous, vibrant, active, and expressive; it loves to communicate and disperse its energy. The linked organs are the Heart and Small Intestine

Late Summer - Earth

This time of year is September / October. Late Summer is for returning to and operating from, with a strong sense of centre and self-worth. Like the soil feeding us and the ground locating us in space, the Earth element imparts stability, the power to think, nurture and sustain. The linked organs are Stomach and Spleen

Autumn - Metal Element

This time of year is November/December starting 21st October (normally 22/23 of September!). Autumn's element is Metal, a time of consolidation; keeping hold of value and letting go. Metal has the capacity to shape/refine with high principles, values and expectations. The organs are Lung and Large Intestine

Winter - Water Element

This time of year is January/February starting the 21st of December. The Water element has the capacity to withdraw, repair, rejuvenate, concentrate, conserve and listen. It gives us time to discover our hidden depths and the source of our inherited intelligence. The linked organs are Kidney and Bladder

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