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Connection and Creating a Community in Your Classes or Centre

One of the most important things to do for your business as a Yoga Teacher is to create a feeling that your customer group (or the trendy new word for it) “Tribe”, feel like they belong.

People by nature like to be in a community and to have a sense of being connected and important to others. These two basic needs are two of six detailed below. If you meet the needs of your clients you will keep them.

Tony Robbins, famous for his motivational teaching, has a paradigm that I loved at first hearing and have used over the years in lots of training – The 6 Core Human Needs 

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Here they are listed:

The 6 Core Human Needs 

and how we can fit them into our Yoga Business!

  1. Certainty – the need for safety predictability (same place same time, week after week) 
  2. Uncertainty – The need for surprises or changes (Seasonal Yoga, constantly changing) 
  3. Significance – sense of importance (know the clients name and remember any significant issues that they may have rather practice or health) 
  4. Love and Connection  to feel connected (eye contact, coffee morning or summer gatherings)
  5. Growth – the need for spiritual development (introduce mediation or daily readings into your class) 
  6. Contribution – protect / serve others (organise charity event or food bank basket)

 The 6 ways to create your community feeling! 

  1. Make regular eye contact and greet your clients by looking at them or by name. I think the days of the aloof Yoga Teacher silently waiting for her group to come in to do class has gone. We all have more competition now so making an impact will go towards retaining custom. 
  2. Give your customers added value: Handouts – what you can do at home to enhance health. Information makes them feel cared for. 
  1. Arrange a weekly coffee group gathering after day time class, you don’t aways have to attend but it will give you a closer knit group. Also the group themselves will soon have their own support group camaraderie going i.e. Anyone know a good plumber? 
  1. Be interested in what is happening off the mat in your students’ lives. Give an ear if and when they need it. Good clients frequently ask me for 2 minutes at the end of class. In the end it helps them feel like they have a support and someone cares.
  1. Organise a Christmas lunch and/or a Summer garden party, or a small party group for “big zero” birthdays.  

6.   Try to get one of your regulars to make an effort to say hello to any new class members and introduce to others / invite to coffee group etc … Alternatively you introduce new client to one of the friendly long serving members of class.  

It can take many years to get a community going but when you do they are loyal and you get to be part of keeping them healthy for many years to come, which is hugely rewarding. Just start now. 

Julie Hanson