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Autumn Seasonal Book Suggestion

Hi Everyone

Seasonal Book Suggestion …

The book for this season.

The Values Factor: The secret to creating an inspired and fulfilling life by Jon Demartini

Why do I like it?

This book is based on Dr Demartini’s life long study teachings and findings into the workings and habits of human behaviour.

I have met him

Claire and I went on his breakthrough weekend a few weeks ago and I was inspired by the incredible brain Dr. Demartini possesses, the work he
does is from a lifetime of thinking, experiments, tireless
lecturing and is also a very entertaining speaker.

The result?

If you apply this properly it could be life changing or at least give you a little more insight into what you really want in your life.

Buy it in audio

It is a great audio book, the audio version from Audible is 12 hours long !

all the best Julie

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