Art of Space

In Seasonal Yoga, we see Autumn as the time to bring things to a conclusion, evaluating our life and working to remove elements of it which are no longer useful, leaving you with a sense of clarity and a clear mind.

An important focus for Autumn is the act of making space, in all areas of your life and awareness. As we move into more reflective and introspective seasons of the year, it’s a key time to try and pin point things e.g. situations, objects, people or thoughts which are detrimental to our wellbeing, make us feel out of balance and drain our energy. Once we identify these negative influences, it’s the season to let go and embrace the feeling of contentment that comes from a much needed clear out!

Making Space In Your Environment 

A cluttered space often leads to a cluttered mind and feelings of overwhelm – having a proper clear out of your home can be an extremely cathartic experience. If you aren’t naturally adept at tidying up – get yourself a copy of Marie Kondo’s (A Japanese Organising Consultants) book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and allow yourself to be inspired by it’s ideas and methods.

Making Space In Your Personal Life

We all find ourselves at some point investing lots of time and enthusiasm into situations or relationships which drain our energy and leave us feeling depleted. Autumn is the time to evaluate them, work out if they can be changed or decide it’s the right time to let them go. Also, Autumn is a perfect time to clear up any misunderstandings and focus on what is important and what you value.

Making Space in Your Practice 

In Seasonal Yoga during the Autumn months, we look to add a sense of opening and closing, inward and outward motions into our Asana practice. The act of expansion and contraction is a great way to create space and ease tension in the body – if Summer months are a time to build strength, in Autumn the focus falls more onto releasing tight areas to promote a sense of ease and relaxation. Also, Autumn is the key season for pranayama as we are working with the Lungs. The conscious effort to add deep rhythmic breathing to our practice will allow you to release further into postures safely.

Making Space in Your Mind 

If you’re mind is feeling overly busy, it’s the time to de-clutter your thoughts and find a sense of clarity. Look to your meditation practice again, if it’s been slipping or becoming less consistent – set yourself a manageable tapas of 10 minutes each day. As the evenings grow longer and we want to spend more time relaxing – treat yourself to Yoga Nidra or some restorative yoga.

To allow yourself to feel in tune with the season, the aim is to work towards feeling serene, have the capacity to think clearly and make sound judgements.  Take some time to evaluate the different aspects of your life & practice – decide the areas which you need to work on in order to achieve this goal.