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Welcome to Autumn

The Seasonal Hub of appropriate activity!

Autumn is Here!

Welcome to the Autumn season. The energy is gathering inward, Nature is allowing itself to really enter into the Yin Season.

This is a big time of year to deal with your stuff.  The Lung and the Large Intestines of the organs  both deal with processing.   The time of year that you go inward and find your hidden gems!

Lots more information like this to come in this season 

Welcome to Autumn! x



Autumn Course


SEASONAL SNACKS (Bite size chunks of information)


Confidence, or lack of confidence, pops up as one of the most common issues in my coaching business. People talk about confidence as if it is a thing – something that you either have or you don’t have. You then give yourself the label that you are or aren’t confident and that label, that thought, defines your actions.


An important focus for Autumn is the act of making space, in all areas of your life and awareness. As we move into more reflective and introspective seasons of the year, it’s a key time to try and pin point things e.g. situations, objects, people or thoughts which are detrimental to our wellbeing, make us feel out of balance and drain our energy. Once we identify these negative influences, it’s the season to let go and embrace the feeling of contentment that comes from a much needed clear out!

Why Should I Think About Doing a 300 Hour Yoga Course?

200 hour teacher Emma is interested in doing the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training but has a whole host of questions, so we decided to write down the conversation for those of you thinking of embarking on this journey.


SVADHYAYA STACK! ( Self Study time )

Some great material in our stacks for Autumn! Click on the images below to see the content!

Autumn A Choice for the Ages

Autumn A Choice for the Ages

Far too many retirees avoid exercise and doom themselves to decrepitude and loss of independence during the Golden Years. Read more in this Article by Lon Kilgore Phd as he points out that themMobility problems with aging are not an effect of disease or inevitable decrepitude.

Autumn Circle of Life

Autumn Circle of Life

Circle of Life Close your eyes and think about looking at your life from a distance.  See yourself rushing around all day carrying out your roles and responsibilities.  Take a neutral view of what you do and who you are. In this stack you will...


Autumn Seasonal Book

Autumn Seasonal Book

Autumn Seasonal Book Suggestion Hi Everyone Seasonal Book Suggestion ... The book for this season. The Values Factor: The secret to creating an inspired and fulfilling life by Jon Demartini Why do I like it? This book is based on Dr Demartini’s...

Autumn Ted Talk

Autumn Ted Talk

TED TALK OF THE SEASON My Favourite way to get quick accessible inspiration – Julie  Hanson The autumn season also applied to the autumn of your life. This talk takes about the secret to living longer! By Susan Pinker Return to the Current...

Autumn Nutrition – Metal Element

Autumn Nutrition – Metal Element

Lungs/ Large Intestine/ Skin and Brain By Karen Scobie Autumn, the season of letting go it is a time to pull inwards as in nature, we watch the plants and trees pull their energy back to their roots and in doing so we seen their ripened fruits fall and...

SEASONAL VIDEOS (watch with Julie, Marit and Sue)