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Welcome to Autumn!

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Welcome to the Seasonal Hub!

This Seasonal Magazine has been in the making over the last couple of years.  It will give you all constant online access for new ideas on how to live a balanced life in season.

We have all spent many hours to get this launched. I really do hope you like the site and get some ideas from it too. If you have any comments, requests or  contributions they will be gratefully received by sending an email to us here or subscribe for updates with your email on the popup.

The Hub is subscription based with three affordable levels.  Seasonal provides you access to the current season; Annual allows you full access to the site for an entire 365 days (in Season); and Pro gives you 365 days access (in Season) plus you get access to the SYTTOnline training material which includes over 200 videos!

With huge thanks to the following people: Sue Woodd, Marit Akintawe, Graeme Lunn, Emma Quinn and Karen Scobie.




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SEASONAL SNACKS (Bite size chunks of information )


Confidence, or lack of confidence, pops up as one of the most common issues in my coaching business. People talk about confidence as if it is a thing – something that you either have or you don’t have. You then give yourself the label that you are or aren’t confident and that label, that thought, defines your actions.


Fi’s first yoga class was at the Buddhist centre in Glasgow about 20yrs ago when she was at university.  She’d been aware of yoga and how good it was for your body but there were very few places that had classes then.  Fi moved away from Glasgow for a few years and found classes where she could but I found her practice wasn’t regular.  While she was still trying to develop a self practice she discovered Seasonal Yoga which made a lot of sense to her as the classes changed with the seasons…


An important focus for Autumn is the act of making space, in all areas of your life and awareness. As we move into more reflective and introspective seasons of the year, it’s a key time to try and pin point things e.g. situations, objects, people or thoughts which are detrimental to our wellbeing, make us feel out of balance and drain our energy. Once we identify these negative influences, it’s the season to let go and embrace the feeling of contentment that comes from a much needed clear out!

Why Should I Think About Doing a 300 Hour Yoga Course?

200 hour teacher Emma is interested in doing the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training but has a whole host of questions, so we decided to write down the conversation for those of you thinking of embarking on this journey.

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