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You're More than Just Yoga

Let Nature guide your choices to learn how to keep your students in balance all year round
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“Health comes from being less Stressed”

– Julie Hanson, Seasonal Yoga

Yoga Teacher?

Provide More than a Yoga Class, Give them a New Lifestyle

If you’ve already looked at a variety of yoga styles to try to find a solution you’re probably not looking for another on the mat style but what you are looking for is to offer an off the mat experience to your students that helps them make beneficial changes in their life for each season. 

Yoga Student?

At Seasonal Yoga we have learned that you can get some real benefits by adapting your life to the Seasons

If you are feeling out of alignment with the Energy of each Season and don’t know how to fix it then you’ve come to the right place

For us, personal well being is learning to cope and adapting to every evolving phase in life.  Nature too is always changing and getting in sync with all that’s going on around you can help ground you, reduce your levels of stress and ultimately lead to the best health you’ve ever had!

Our teachings are about yoga for sure, but they have a far reaching impact on your well being, lifestyle and personal evolution too.

Come join us for a better, healthier you!

Let Nature guide your choices to an ever changing practice to keep you in balance all year round

Main Photo by Sandra Frey